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We push relevant content to your prospects on mobile and desktop with email, web push and more.

We're passionate storytellers, lovers of innovation and the idea of relating to consumers with out of the box content.

Our Services

We provide enterprise grade email marketing services to organizations of all sizes.

Email Marketing Workflows

We use integrated email marketing workflow funnels to publish your content to users through multiple channels such as email, web push notifications, SMS, Viber and Facebook Messenger. Send messages triggered by your customers’ actions.

Targeted Content

We create a robust content strategy designed to establish your brand and ensure you stand out against the competition in your industry. We push Relevant content to your prospects on mobile and desktop with email, web push and more.

Email Marketing Campaign

Our marketing research which allows us to determine the most effective form for your mailings and create email marketing campaigns that build brand equity with consumers and results in favourable subscriber behaviours.

Quality Assurance

With detailed attention to the quality of content, not just the quantity. We review tons of metrics including readability, topicality, keyword stuffing, font sizes, and even how engaging this is for your audience.

Our Process

A simple, yet effective
website design process

Enterprise grade websites designed with modern UI/UX for businesses.

Step 1

Market Discovery & Planning

We do more than just write content. Our emphasis is on Email copywriting strategies, competitive data, workflow automation and conversion-copy tactics.

Step 2

Campaign Execution

Expect a 4-6 business day turnaround for projects under 10,000 words. Our TAT
for larger orders is quite impressive.

Step 3

Quality Assurance

Our writers are thoroughly vetted. All of our content passes through a scrutinizing editing process and is quality checked.

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Our advanced dashboard will help you rank easily

Our "on demand software" is tailored specifically for each client's needs and allows business owners and corporate members the ability to check in on the real time statuses of any marketing campaign, whilst also integrating with the API's of a number of other popular social and marketing platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook Business, Mailchimp and more. Whether you need live data from social media, ad campaigns, data relating to analytics, call-tracking, or organic search rankings, all of this data is visible and live.

“SEO Agency helped us to increase our website SEO traffic by 250% in just 3 months”
John Carter
VP of Marketing at Google
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